Welcome to the Science and Engineering Fair of Northern Kentucky!

About Our Fair

Our Mission
The SEFNK mission is to promote and contribute to the educational and scientific development of students in its 30 county drawing area of northern and northeastern Kentucky. Throughout the year, SEFNK encourages and assists schools and their students in their science study and research programs in order to stress the understanding of fundamental principles of the STEM disciplines.

Our Vision
Through partnerships with educational institutions, businesses and communities we will use the all-inclusive educational nature of science fair projects to strengthen STEM education in Kentucky. We will utilize our resources to work toward implementation of county science fairs in each of our 30 counties to feed into our regional fair. Through this goal we will make SEFNK an annual showcase of the STEM talent and ability being prepared in the Northern Kentucky region and throughout the schools of the Commonwealth.

2019 Winners
Congratulations to our 2019 Winners! We wish our 5th-12th grade winners the best of luck at the State Fair on March 30th!

Behavioral & Social Sciences- (1st) Alexandra Hess (2nd) Myah Hamilton

Chemistry- (1st) J.D Coffman. (2nd) Alyssa Cordial & Zoey Melvin

Environmental Sciences- (1st) Finn Bentz, (2nd) Isabella Sturgeon

Energy & Transportation- (1st) Avery Turner, (2nd) Ari Simon

Engineering; Electrical & Mechanical- (1st) Colton Thomas, (2nd) Madison Crowley

Plant Sciences- (1st) Stella Kenner, (2nd) Jaxson Parrish

Physics & Astronomy- (1st) Lilly Phirman

Animal Sciences: (1st) Clara Heberling, (2nd) Carissa Stahl

Biochemistry: (1st) Mia Napier, (2nd) Sophie Rodino

Behavioral & Social Sciences: (1st) Kate Gallenstein, (2nd) Sophia Ernst

Cellular & Molecular Biology: (1st) Bradley Zekl

Chemistry: (1st) Myla Hamilton & Grace Delaney (2nd) Alyssa Freihofer

Computer Science: (1st) Alex Moening (2nd) Liam Collins

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering: (1st) Nate Kraemer, (2nd) Audrey Holian

Environmental Management: (1st) Jonathan Ghazala, (2nd) Allison Laws

Materials and Bioengineering: (1st) Owen Leen, (2nd) Joe Deters

Environmental Sciences: (1st) Chelsea Collins, (2nd) Anna Quinn

Energy & Transportation: (1st) Victoria Radic, (2nd) Isabella Eubank

Medicine & Health Sciences: (1st) William Thomas, (2nd) Aiden Leach

Physics & Astronomy: (1st) Madison Hudson, (2nd) Jackson Gronotte

Plant Sciences: (1st) Aubree Hay & Abby Meek (2nd) Nolan Bonta

Animal Sciences: (1st) Matilyn Shavers & Emily Stapleton

Cellular & Molecular Biology: (1st) Erin Borders & Lillian Jones

Chemistry: (1st) Molly Kleier

Computer Science: (1st) Mina Ryumae, (2nd) Samuel Latz

Environmental Sciences: (1st) Mary Roebker, (2nd) Katherine Crail

Physics & Astronomy: (1st) Kalyn Obermeyer

Plant Sciences: (1st) Haley Stroud & Sarah Hatzel

Best of Fair
Best of Fair/ISEF Finalist: Samuel Latz

Best of Fair Runner- Up/ISEF Alternate: Mary Roebker

Ready to Get Down to Science?

Project Limits:

Elementary and Middle School level projects will not be accepted in the following areas: Microbiology; Human or Vertebrate projects that contain or make use of tissues, fluids, cells, etc; Projects pertaining to the use of recombination DNA. Attempts to move such projects from the Microbiology category to another will be disqualified from competition. Please contact us if there are any questions concerning a project's eligibility to register. Please note that projects are accepted on a first-come basis, thus if project numbers fill up in a specific grade or category, caps can be enforced to limit project numbers.

IRB and SRC review: Please also review and pay special attention to the rules regarding use of animal or human subjects, hazardous chemicals and devices. We plan to continue our strict adherence to ISEF paperwork requirements set for high school participants for the elementary and middle school levels as well. The ISEF Rules Wizard is the easiest way to determine what forms are required for a project. IRB and SRC project reviews must be performed prior to project research. Please refer to SEFNK and ISEF rules for more details. In the occasion that a senior participant wins the grand prize at the SEFNK Fair more than two consecutive years, while they can still advance to higher competitions, SEFNK reserves the right to award the prize of an all-expense paid trip to ISEF to the next consecutive winner/s.

Rules/Regulations: SEFNK follows the Intel ISEF Rules for All Projects, please visit their website for more information: https://student.societyforscience.org/rules-all-projects

Science Fair Contact Info: Phone: (859) 572-1308 Email: doresd1@nku.edu Fax: (859) 572-6179
SEFNK Mailing Address: Science Center 200 Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights, KY 41076

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